We Took a Trip to Ibiza!

There’s probably one word that comes to mind when everyone thinks of Ibiza: PARTY! While that is most certainly the case, this island off the coast of Spain offers much more than that. Now don’t get us wrong, the main reason why we decided to visit Ibiza was to indulge and celebrate our engagement, but if partying all day and night isn’t your thing, the islands’ absolutely stunning beaches, incredible restaurants, and overall vibe will suit any type of traveler.

We took a short one hour flight from Barcelona and stayed two nights on this island. We got to see world-famous DJ Martin Garrix perform at one of the largest pool parties in the world, take a yacht cruise in the Mediterranean Sea, and go to a club that didn’t open it doors until 1am and closed when the sun came up!

What To Do

Beach it up!

The beaches on Ibiza are out of this world. We have never seen sand as white and water as blue as we did here. There’s all different types of beaches to choose from: quiet beaches for relaxing, beaches with great spots to snorkel, or even beaches with tons of party spots! It’s very easy to spend an entire day at the beach lounging in the sand with a drink in hand.

Pool Parties!

Ibiza is well known for it’s day long pool parties, and rightfully so. They have tons of different places to choose from with varying types of pool parties. We decided to splurge a little and visit Ocean Beach and we were definitely not disappointed! If you like champagne-filled water guns, DJs playing incredible house music, and big parties, then you’ve come to the right place. But it’s definitely not cheap, so come prepared and be ready to spend some cash!

Yacht Cruise

Whenever we go to a country that is known for it’s beautiful coastline and ocean, we HAVE to get on a boat! Ibiza offers tons of half day or even day long cruises from it’s main port. From romantic sunset cruises to party boats, you seriously won’t be disappointed in getting on a boat and enjoying your day on the Mediterranean Sea. We opted for a party boat and went with a company called Boat Party Ibiza for a half day all inclusive party that was soo much fun!

Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea!

Club hopping

You can’t go to Ibiza and not check out one of their world famous clubs, right?! These clubs are all over the island, if you don’t know where you should go, just ask someone what they recommend and they won’t hesitate to help! On our last night in Ibiza, we went to Ushuaia, a huge open air venue, and saw Martin Garrix perform. It was epic! After that, we went across the street to Hi Ibiza, another massive club, and partied until we wore ourselves out. We recommend going online and checking out what DJs will be performing in Ibiza before your visit so you can plan accordingly. Note: most of these clubs don’t open until 1am in the morning, so hit the beach during the day or go on a yacht, take a nap after dinner, and then get ready to party all night!

Martin Garrix at Ushuaia

Where To Stay

Ibiza offers a wide range of hotels all the way from cheap hostels to incredible ocean front penthouses. We stayed at Hotel Maringa Ibiza, which was a fairly nice hotel that was only a 3 minute walk to the beach. It was close to a bunch of restaurants and shopping.

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